Does Medicaid Cover Braces or Not! Updated Complete info

Before we bulge into what Medicaid is and what it covers, you must know the answer to the question. “Does medicaid covers braces?” The answer is Yes, but partially! Partially, because all states provide braces for children, some of which allow braces for adults.

Now, this allowance varies from state to state, and before you ask any further questions, you must contact the medical department of your state to know whether Medicaid covers braces for adults in your state or not. If you are placing a question about your child, then the answer is absolutely YES! Your child will get the benefits, and braces are fully covered.

What is Medicaid all about?

Now we dig down to the question that is bothering you; what is Medicaid all about? Medicaid is a very popular program launched and funded by the government. It ensures that every eligible adult, elderly adult, pregnant women, child, and people with disabilities receive adequate medical attention at the time of need.

The medical facilities are not, of course, free of cost. But the amount is very much affordable for people with monetary issues. This program is tailor-made for people that belong to the low-income range of the society, and it makes sure that everyone gets his deserved portion of the state’s aid.

Some children come under cover of Medicaid, and they can expect EPSDT services from the government’s end. EPSDT stands for Early and Periodic scanning, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Children with dental care coverage can expect regular dental checkups from expert dental surgeons.

They will get regular teeth cleaning facilities and proper maintenance of their teeth, pain management, infection management, restorative tooth care, etc.

Please check whether medicaid cover braces, your family health scheme includes the Medicaid facility for your kids or not. Many times you might get surprised to know that your Medicaid plan covers different dental services such as braces. This happens when your kid inevitably needs those braces, and you cannot afford them.

Under such conditions and several changed circumstances, Medicaid provides braces for your child. Children under 21 are generally covered under Medicaid; still, you can book a free-of-cost consultation to know more about the braces and whether your scheme covers those or not.

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Ask Your Orthodontics First! Does Medicaid Cover Braces?

First, visit an orthodontist and ask him whether your child needs braces. There are a few reasons why your child may need braces, and those can be revived for sure. Here we list a few popular reasons for your convenience.

  • If your child has normally chewing or eating issues, he may need braces.
  • If he has structural jaw issues that do not allow him to open his mouth properly, then he needs braces.
  • If he has cleft palate or speech impediment issues, then he needs to have braces.
  • If he has extreme overbite, crossbite, or underbite issues, then also he needs braces.
  • If he has hereditary Hypodontia, then he must have braces.

There are several other reasons also available for which the dental surgeon may prescribe braces. Braces are magical, and they do work like wonder if worn on a daily basis.

Before you choose braces, you need to know the advantages of this product. It seems a small piece of product, but it has lifelong effects on your child.

Benefits of Braces:

If your orthodontics prescribed your child to wear braces, you should buy your child one. Braces will not only help the crooked teeth to be aligned, but it also has some other benefits too!

  • It will help your child to learn how to chew properly. Also, the correct bite is an essential thing to learn early in life.
  • Sometimes, you may find speech issues in your child. There are several reasons for that, but wrong teeth alignment can be a vital one.
  • If your child has crooked teeth, gum disease will be a regular visitor. Besides different gum diseases, it will be much tougher for your child to clean his teeth. With braces, he can easily clean his teeth, and thus, gum problems won’t be there.
  • If your child has protruding teeth, chipping or teeth grinding can be a problem. But with braces, your child will be safe.

If your child is facing any of these issues, you should definitely go to an orthodontist and finally end up having his braces.

Which Type Braces Do You Need?

Now that your orthodontist confirmed that your child should have braces, you need to know which type of braces you should buy.

There are three types of braces available, and you should know which one fits your case. Ask your dental surgeon clearly and frankly.

Every type of brace has its own advantages and drawbacks. You need to know which one suits your case and, of course, your budget too. Please go through the popular type of braces.

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Lingual Braces:

If your child is concerned about his looks while wearing the braces, this is the safest option for him. Here, the braces are placed at the backside of the teeth, making them quite concealed from the world.

The biggest problem is the friction of the brace with the tongue. It takes a little bit of time to adjust your tongue through the braces, and do not collide them often. Many people do not find these braces comfortable enough.

Traditional Metal Braces:

Traditional metal braces are costlier than lingual ones. One can attach these braces to the front of the teeth, and thus, they are clearly visible when the child speaks or smiles.

Hence, if the child is concerned about his looks, these braces are certainly not his cup of tea.

Clear Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are also placed on the front side of the teeth. But it has clear or natural teeth color. So, these braces are less noticeable in public. The prices of these braces are the highest, and they are fragile in nature. They get stained very fast, and they break even faster.


Before taking any further steps, you should consult your orthodontist at the earliest. Go for a no-cost free consultation, and if he suggests braces, you should buy one for your child.

Like every other parent you also want the best for your child and want your child to have high self-esteem. If having teeth braces can bring self-esteem to your child’s life, you should do that at the earliest.

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