Free Laptop From Government-How To Apply & Get?

Read the post below to find out how to get free laptop from government for low income bracket families, yes you can avail a free laptop or computer.

Here you will find all the information required to get a free government laptop by filling in an application form. 

Free laptops and personal computers for low income bracket families and how you can get one.

If you are from a low income group then you’re in the right place to search for ways of getting a free PC or laptop. How to fill an application form the same?

Government Grants for free laptops
Free laptop from government

In the post below, you will learn the process of using the application form to apply for a free government PC or laptop. No doubt, there is an eligibility criteria for this and to be eligible one has to fulfil their requirements and fit in. The federal government has a decision criteria and is strict that no one misuses the government grants. 

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They are issuing not just Laptops and PC but tablets as well, to help the families with the low income to progress further by enhancing their knowledge. Learn new Skills. Apply new jobs, work online. All in all get started and work to improve your living standards.

This is valid for a limited time until the availability of budget and stock. Other government grants you can find here at Apply Govt Grants.

In a case, where you are not eligible, you can try to read more and find out ways to get one free from a NPO – non profit organizations. 

You might be wondering whether or how one can receive a free PC or laptop without doing anything for it. The answer is simply a YES. 

Learn more, why the government is not approaching the deserving low income families and individuals directly. It is based on a lottery system. Mainly because the number of low income families are anyhow more than the funds allocated for providing free laptops and PC. So they invite applications, knowing that not all will apply and the numbers will reduce. Visit here for other free stuff info, providing all government grants and other benefits.

Also, the NGO (non government organization) and NPO (non profit organization) are assigned a portion of these funds that help you to get a laptop, PC and tablets. College students can also fill in the application forms, depending upon the eligibility criteria to avail a free laptop, a PC or a tablet.

Once the application is successful, you become eligible within the given timeline and you receive a laptop, PC or a tablet under the free laptop program for the college students and low income group, from the government grant.

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Top 25 Ways To get Free Laptop From Government

Best ways to get a Free PC, Laptop or Tablet under the Government Grant Scheme?

Filling an application form for a free laptop is very easy unlike other programs. But finding a right place to get eligible for one is not that easy. At we try to bring you the best information to start with. 

This post is all about getting you all the information you need to get a free laptop from the government.

First and foremost, you need to be a resident of the United States of America, USA.

Check your Eligibility to get free Laptop from the local authorities and Government for Students and Low income families

Such government grants like 

  1. Grants for Free Clothes for the Low income group.
  2. Grants for Free Groceries for the Needy.

Require to meet the eligibility criteria. You must check your eligibility criteria before apply.

Lets check what all is required to meet the eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants must be a US citizen.
  2. You need a valid proof of ID.
  3. You need a valid proof of address.
  4. Most importantly you need to prove your income like Tax Slip, Salary proof or any such income related proofs.

When you file the application with the valid documents and the authorities find you are eligible, they send you the free laptop or a PC as mentioned in the application within the given timeline. Laptop is a necessity now and comes very handy and useful. Now a days, most of the people work from home, given the health crisis in the Covid-19 crisis. 

Below is the detail where you can apply for your free laptop or a PC if you are a student or an individual with a low income, from the government:

The Free Cycle Network

Free cycle is another such program. They are a online portal offering assistance to apply and get a free Laptop, personal computer from the government grants.

They are a non profit and recycle many things for others to use.

Visit their website and fill an application form if you are looking for a free laptop. They will provide you a refurbished, recycled item. Click this link Freecycle Network 

their official web portal is

To know what all they can offer you please visit their website.


This program is presently in more than 45+ states in the US. They offer convenient and user friendly ways to try your chance of getting a Free Laptop, PC or a tablet.

If your income is less than 35000 USD then you must try Everyeneon.

As a fact, they also refurbish the old and used PC and laptops from the charity and provide them to those in need.

Visit Smartriverside

With the government support, smartriverside is among the best schemes that provide you the facility to apply and offer free laptops, PC and Tablets. 

They are present in most of the states of the US and work in collaboration with the local non government organization and non profit organizations. 

The eligibility criteria can be different depending where you reside in the US. Fill in the required details on their e-portal and get yours today.

With Causes

Another such organization is With Causes. Providing free refurbished laptops and tablets to the applicants.

The On it Foundation

The On it Foundation is based in Florida. To get a free government Laptop, low income group residents of Florida are eligible.

They have collaborated with the businesses, local computers centres, educational institutions for a technological boost of the local area.

Follow the link for more details about this program and the On it Foundation.

Microsoft Refurbishers

Donations made by Microsoft are very well known. They participate hugely in such programs and schemes, to help those in need.

They offer refurbished computers and laptops to low income individuals and students.

PCs for People 

Commonly known as PCP – PCs for People. It is a Non-Profit Organization distributing and helping people to get an access to a free Laptop. They are strict but supporting a good cause. You can check your eligibility and access a Free Laptop.

If your income bracket is below the set bar or a family member is with a disability, you may be eligible for one. If you are a social worker or work for an organization in the social welfare sector, you might as well be eligible to fulfil the required criteria.

Computer Technology Assistance Corps

CTAC stands for Computer Technology Assistance Corps. They work in collaboration with tech giants like Microsoft and the government. Their objective is to assist the needy locals with funds for a Free laptop and Tablets.

Visit CTAC to know more.

World Computer Exchange

Yet another great program for free laptops and computers. They have been actively working with the local schools, libraries, educational institutions and supporting the needy and low income group individuals with access to refurbished laptops.


Just like the name, this great organization has been connecting deserving individuals and families, providing desktops and laptops in the Seattle region.

Brands like Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc are available on their online store. They have made it available for a very low price and even free at times.


This portal is for the students and works for those in the range of 5th Standard to a graduate degree.

Their criteria includes the applicants need to offer a community service of a minimum of ten hours to be eligible for a free laptop.

This organisation is providing free computers and laptops. The main aim is to empower the people, improve their education. 

They provide refurbished computers to students. Plus, they also offer free deals on broadband and internet.

Being a national organization they offer all the possible help to the needy.

If you got children studying in class 5 and above you might be eligible for a free laptop from

The only condition is that the applicant must be willing for a community service of minimum 10 hours to receive a freebie.

So anybody, fulfilling the criteria mentioned above and having any financial issues can visit the official Website for more info.

Laptop Loans from Accelerated Schools Program 

The accelerated School Program offers the applicant options for free laptops under the various government programs. They have a policy of a deposit of $100 USD to borrow a computer/laptop and when you return the laptop you get your 100$ back.

This is helping a lot of low income people with no access to laptops. This is in turn helping them with a better education.

Computers for learning

This organisation is collecting used computers from the federal government. They refurbish and distribute them to the students. 

For those units where only some components of the laptops are found useful, they send it to the organisations which support humankind. Those who are determined to create a better world.

Please visit their official site for more info.


You can reach out to Goodwill, they offer used computers and laptops at a very cheap and affordable price.

Salvation Army

Another great establishment that is working to enrich and empower the people. Be it Laptops, Computers or Free clothes – they are committed to offer a helping hand to all the needy families and low income group.

So connect with them, share your story and documents, their team is going to guide you in the best possible way.

Get a free Laptop from Craigslist?

Yes, Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website and you can also search for some free laptops and other stuff.

Sometimes you may also find a deal for almost nothing, very low prices. Some people often offer freebies as well.

St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a well known organisation. They have been helping people from all walks of life. No matter what your background is. From food, clothes and electronics, be it anything – they have been trying to bring light and joy in as many lives as possible.

Visit them on their official site.

Contact them, seek assistance from their team and its all sorted.

Try United Way

United Way needs no introduction. It is a NPO (Non Profit Organization) that is committed to help people by different ways. 

Visit and apply for a free laptop and other things you may like. One of the application is by the name 2-1-1.

Free laptop for college students

Laptops have become a necessity for students. Academics run all over the presentations and assignments. E-learning is the new trend. As a fact, not every student has a laptop. The government has schemes and policies to help these students. They run various programs to support such students. 

The Open Education Database

This organization offer free laptops. This is mainly for the college going students. 

Laptops provided by them are not completely free but it is a kind of assistance. What happens, is the cost is added to the college fees.

Technology for the Future

A non profit based out of Noth California, this organization provides tech solutions, both in the USA and the canada. 

Their main objective is to provide assistance to the students for better education. Free Laptops and computers are a part of their programs for those in need and deserving.

NoteBook For College students

Amazing but true, the professors of Los Angeles are running this great and beautiful initiative. Their aim is simply to help as many students as possible to learn and enhance their skills. Providing free laptops and computers is one of the initiatives. They have tie ups with the refurbishing computer centers. Contact them for more details.


If you need a free computer, a free laptop to enhance your skills and progress further in your career, do not hesitate to contact the above mentioned organizations. Yes, you may need to fill in the application forms with the asked details. 

No doubt, all the provided information will be thoroughly checked to confirm your eligibility.

Research shows there are always more applicants for the number of laptops available.

So huge competition overall.

We recommend, you must keep trying with all the possible government’s initiatives,  NGO’s and charities. 

If you find this post helpful or you have been lucky to receive your free laptop from the above links, please share the post, like us and support our work, so we can reach out to more and more people and help as many as possible.

Keep checking this space for more such useful posts.

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