How To Get Free Air Conditioner from Government 2023. Fill Application Online

Free Air Conditioner from HEAP for people with medical needs!

The needy and low income people of usa, who are in need of an air conditioning system can get a free air conditioner now. This is the initiative taken by HEAP a.k.a. Home Energy Assistance Program, New York City.

This initiative is issued by the government for the people who cannot afford an air conditioning system but have medical conditions where they need one. Some have heating conditions where they need cool air to feel relaxed. All people who are economically not stable can apply for this facility.

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This article will enlighten you about everything regarding this program.

Free air conditioner for low income families

Free Air Conditioner For Low Income Families

Application eligibility for free air conditioner 2023:

This facility is not available for everyone. If you are in need of one cooling system and cannot afford one then only you can get it. Please go through the eligibility criterion for this program:

  • You have to be an U.S. citizen and you must not have any past criminal record.
  • You must possess a medical certificate where it is mentioned that your health condition goes worse due to heat.
  • You need to check your subsidized housing bill and whether it includes heating costs.
  • Your income should be less than $800 a month if you are a one person family.

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How to get free air conditioner from the government 2023:

This sounds surreal but you can get monetary assistance from non-governmental, non-profit organizations available across NYC. Different non-profit organizations can fund your need for an air conditioning system.


Many generous people donate money and other products to these faith-based places. So if you are in need of an air conditioning system, you can contact your local church and it may help you out happily. For that, you have to contact the authority and ask for the conditions and eligibility.

Generally, these places do not have such conditions applied for social work, still, you must ask everything before applying for one.

Thrift stores:

Thrift stores in your area can help you with one air conditioning system. These systems are a bit older and used. Generally, these stores need new models for their stores and they keep on replacing the old and used ones on regular intervals.

You can contact the thrift store in your neighborhood and ask for such help. If they are going to replace the air conditioning system soon, you can bag it for free!

Society St. Vincent De Paul:

Such organizations arrange free fan and air conditioning distribution programs across the year. You can contact them and enroll your name and contact details with them. They will contact you when they arrange the air conditioning system. You can get new air conditioning systems for free from these places.

Other government grants for air conditioning units 2023:

If you are eligible and apply for such air conditioning systems, you can receive one from the government funds. Government allot funds for such programs. You just need to get informed on time and apply for one.

Energy star tax credit:

This is a credit program where you cannot get the air conditioning system for free. You can get a credit through which you can pay less for the air conditioning system. You may get a grant of $50- $300.
If you are in real need and you can prove that, you may get a grant up to $500 also.

Weatherization assistance program:

This grant program is initiated by the U.S. department of energy. You have to fill up an online form. It takes merely 20 minutes to fill the form and the authority will review your application. If you are from a low-income family and you are in real need of an air conditioning system, then the authority will surely approve your request.

Free Air conditioner for disabled people 2023:

There are several non-profit organizations that run free air conditioning giveaway programs for the poor and disabled people. These people are in real need for one such system but cannot afford one. So, if you want such grants, you need to contact one of such organizations. Here are a few of them.

Salvation Army Free Air Conditioner:

You can get a free air conditioner from the Salvation Army if you are in real need. This program is initiated for the poor people who have health conditions and thrift stores that need an air conditioning system but are low on budget. You have to apply for one and the authority will go through your application.
Once your application is approved you can get an air conditioning system for your home.

Free Air conditioner for seniors 2023:

For the seniors, you need to check with the local sheriff office or the medical board near your neighborhood. Ask them if similar programs are running for the seniors or not. If seniors have medical conditions then they are eligible for the program like others.

Free Air conditioner for medical reasons:

If your medical conditions are worse in heat, you can ask your doctor or hospital authority to provide you with a written document stating your health conditions. This is the document you need through the process of getting a free air conditioner.
If your health deteriorates due to increasing amount of heat, you can get one air conditioner.

How to get free air conditioner from HEAP 2023:

You have to contact the authority for free air conditioner. If your health condition doesn’t allow you to stay under heat, the HEAP will arrange one such system for your home.

How to get free air conditioners for veterans 2023?

Veterans are eligible for the free air conditioner only if their medical condition is not good. If they feel weaker when heat increases, they get one air conditioner for the home. For more information, they should contact the nearest medical facility or call the HEAP office at NYC.

How to get air conditioning assistance for low income families:

If your family income is very low and you cannot afford an air conditioner for your house, the NYC government will give you a free air conditioner under the HEAP program going on. Please go through the eligibility criteria and apply for one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for a free air conditioner?

This program is out there for everyone with a health need. If your medical condition gets worse with the increasing amount of heat, you must apply for such grants. The NYC government has lots of programs and grants available for such people.
Apart from the government assistance, you can also bag help from non-profit organizations too.

Documents required for a free air conditioner?

To get one of these grants, you need to produce a few documents. Please go through the list and provide these documents for the review.

  • Driving License with photo ID
  • Medicaid card
  • Your adoption records
  • Birth certificate
  • School records
  • Social security card
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Other official records.

How to apply for a free air conditioner?

You have to apply for the free air conditioning system by person. The HEAP office address is: P.O. Box 1401, Church Street Station, New York, NY10008. 

Where can I get a free air conditioner?

You can reach the HEAP office or call them for assistance. You can also check your state authority for the similar programs available there. If your medical condition doesn’t allow you to stay outside or in the heating conditions, you can contact the local sheriff office too.


If you are not healthy and heat makes you weaker, please contact your local authorities for the Free air conditioner giveaway program. If you cannot afford one such unit for your home, many government and non-government organizations are there to help you out. You just need to reach them through proper channel and bring an air conditioner your home. To apply and get other government grants, you can visit our official website

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