Blue Eyes Scholarships- Eligibility & How to Apply, Get Fast

It may sound a little awkward that people can avail scholarships based on some physical attributes. Yes, that’s true. Someone having blue eyes  can avail a scholarship. This uniqueness creates a particular community, as blue eyes can be seen in only 8% of the world’s total population.

For this reason, blue eyes scholarships are rare, but with a little bit of research, you can find them just like it is available for people of red hair or blond hair.

How can you apply for scholarships having blue eyes people?

The price of our dream is getting higher every day. We all have this teenage dream of getting into outstanding colleges, but with inflation being sky high, the cost of higher studies is leaving the hands of common Americans.

Students can work outside their research to earn money, but sometimes, that amount is very little. That’s why with living costs and study problems, a good scholarship is always needed. Most of the time, the scholarship amount covers the entire cost of college. That’s why you should be aware of the opportunities. 

Though one thing must be clear when you apply for the blue eyes scholarship, you will not be able to avail the other scholarships simultaneously. Most of the institutions giving these scholarships have more or less the same criteria for applying.

Can I get scholarships for blue eyes?

Scholarships are given for different ethnicities, caste, and creeds for a large section of students; blue eyes scholarships are among them. We will discuss how to apply for the scholarships as these scholarships are given periodically; you need to apply for the scholarships beforehand with the necessary documents. 

Eligibility to apply for blue eyes scholarships: 

  • The person should be a United States citizen.
  • The person should be a student of any graduate or undergraduate course. 
  • The applicant must have naturally blue eyes and should have proof for that.
  • The person must belong to a low-income category.

If the above criteria are fulfilled, you need to find colleges that give this scholarship. There are multiple churches in the US also that give blue eyes scholarships. 

You may need to fill up a form or write a small letter for that. It varies from organization to organization. 

Where to apply for scholarships for blue-eyed people?

Schools and colleges:

There are many places where you can apply for blue eyes scholarships. Mainly these places are schools and colleges, religious institutions and hospitals. Schools and colleges have always been at the forefront to give scholarships.

They mostly provide it out of your outstanding performance or lower-income category. Often, students cannot pay their high fees of exams and school, so colleges and schools take their financial burden and pay the dues to steer off the cloud of disappointment. If you have blue eyes, you can also apply for scholarships on this ground.

Financial help from hospitals:

There are few hospitals now which give financial assistance to needy students. They conduct different surveys from time to time to judge which student needs the money most and give them scholarships. If you want a blue eye scholarship, you can contact the hospital and participate in their surveys. The timing of the surveys is generally flexible. 

Church and community centres:

Churches are always keen on helping the people regularly by visiting their different programs or sermons. But there need to be any proper reason or ground to apply for the scholarship. Having a blue eye can be a perfect reason for that.

Apart from these, you can check different community centers also. They provide financial aid for their communities. You can get blue eye scholarships from these centers also.

Scholarships for blue eyes and blond hair:

Many organizations or groups assist students based on their appearance or hair color. However, most of the time, hair color scholarship is typically given to blond hair people but not exclusively to them.

They are sometimes coupled with other criteria like blue eyes and blond hair or blond hair and brown eyes. The processes are pretty similar to blue eye scholarships. 

Scholarships of white males with blue eyes:

Scholarships are generally given on financial condition and sometimes on being a minority or unique body feature. Though white males are not a minority in the US, white males with blue eyes can apply for scholarships.

Outrageous, as someone may comment, these scholarships are beneficial for students who can’t afford to pay their fees. Even if the scholarship is typically based on skin tone or eye color, it does not matter.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the easiest way to get scholarships?

You can get scholarships from different schools, colleges or even churches. The best way to find them is to search the internet and apply for them within the stipulated time. 

How do you get scholarships for redhead and blue-eyed people?

This scholarship is given to red-haired people. Like with white skin tone, you can get a scholarship for your hair and eye colour here. You can search online or look for local churches and colleges that give this scholarship. Worth mentioning that you must be a resident of the US.

Can I get a scholarship for having brown eyes?

Yes, you can avail yourself of scholarships for having brown eyes; this kind of scholarship is called “no brainer” or “weird” category scholarships and is primarily given to bear the finance of higher studies. 


There are many instances where people don’t believe that someone can only get scholarships based on their eye color. Blue eyes scholarships were thus once less known to the larger public. As growth in the United States happens very fast, these kinds of scholarships are beneficial for poor people.

Creating a society where everybody can at least get a chance for financial development is essential. These weird category financial aids can work for betterment. If you have unique features like blue eyes or red hair, you should apply for scholarships.


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