How To Get Free Beds for Low Income Families

Looking for free beds? Then for sure you will get the right information all about. Just keep reading to find the perfect solution.

After a hectic day, everyone needs to have a sound sleep. The whole day’s work stress goes away if you get a sound sleep of a few hours. But in reality, most people cannot afford a good bed or mattress to have a goodnight’s sleep.

Due to this, they face several physical problems like backache, headache, spinal cord problems, etc. Many people face a lot of problems due to money, and they cannot afford themselves and their kids a good sound sleep.

You will get to know about several programs in the country where people offer you beds mostly for free. Go through the article, and you may get benefitted from this. Here you can get salvation army free furniture vouchers online.

How do you get a free bed for low-income families 2022?

First, you need to visit the local furniture bank. Please check whether you have such services available in your state. In most of the states, such services are available. Once you reach there, you need to check whether you fall in the category mentioned by them.

You have to be either homeless, with one parent, kids at home, abused, physically ill, mentally challenged, etc. People that fall into these categories will get their first chance to get their beds for free. If you do not fit in any of these categories, you may not get your free bed, or it will take a lot more time.

There are several thrift stores available in every city. These stores generally offer such wonderful facilities. They arrange giveaways for people that are really in need. To get selected by thrift stores, you need to provide them with your early earning bill.

You have to submit an application, and once they get beds to donate, they will contact you over the number you provided. It takes a little more time than usual. But if the thrift store has some incoming donations, you are surely going to get a free bed. So, the chance of getting a free bed from these stores is high.

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People that are preferred for these programs:

Homeless People:

Homeless people suffer from environmental sickness a lot. As they generally do not have a roof on their head, they face different diseases and odd situations during winter nights. Therefore, they are eligible for these free beds in the first place.

Mostly these people suffer from backache and spinal cord problems. So, when a donation of free beds 2022 takes place, these people are the first choice for that.

People with Low Income:

People with low income cannot fulfill the basic requirements of their families. Their children do not get proper education and proper meals every day. Hence, they also get a chance to get a free bed when a donation or giveaway is taking place.

If the person is a single father or a single mother, then the person has a higher chance of getting a bed. It is quite difficult for single parents with low income to keep their children happy and safe. Hence, these people get the chance to have a free bed.

People with Disabilities:

People with disabilities are not a burden on their families or on society. They are as important as all of us. These people face a lot of aversion from society at each step of life. These people need free beds and peaceful sleep at the end of the day.

They must get enough sleep to skip bigger health issues. Hence, these people deserve free beds. There are several NGOs and organizations available that provide free beds in 2022 for such people with disabilities.

Senior Citizens:

Senior citizens face a lot of health issues like pain in the back, balance issues, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc. They need sound sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Without a proper mattress, they cannot sleep well. Hence, having a free bed will be very useful for them. Especially those senior citizens who do not have someone to take care of them are eligible for free beds in the first place.

Some organizations donate free beds dedicatedly for senior citizens only. If contacted, these organizations do not ask for any type of identification details before giving away the free bed to these people.

Free furniture vouchers for a discount:

You can also bag yourself a wonderful 50% discount voucher on the new furniture by the salvation army. Sometimes it is important for you to choose a piece of furniture that you wish for and you must get what you desire. For that, the Salvation Army offers a good discount to people with low incomes.

You can contact the nearest office or check the website to know more and eligibility. With the voucher, you can visit some selected stores and choose a piece of furniture that your heart desires.

Get a bed for a minimum price from the flea market:

Every state has a lot of flea markets in it. You can visit these markets, and you will get used products here. These products are used by some people before and then they give them away. If you take a look at the positive side, then you can check the bed on your own, and if you like it, you can get it for a minimum price.

You can even bargain at these places, and generally, they agree on your price as they know that you are low on budget. Here you will get several beds in different stores. You just need to go through them and choose a bed according to your requirements.


Not only the government but NGOs, local bodies, and several other people also donate free beds to the people in need. If you belong to the low-income range, you can contact the nearest thrift store first. They gather a lot of free beds as donations from schools, charitable organizations, and single donors.

They now distribute these beds for free among people in need. So, you have to ask every source that offers free beds and then receive one that you get at the earliest. If you are eligible for the bed, the government authorities will also provide you with a free bed.