I need a place to stay but I have no money

You really looking I need a place to stay but have no money? Would you believe it if I ever told you that you could live a life without having any money? Believe it or not it is possible nowadays. Here, this is not like you will walk away from Everything and then sleep out in the streets at night.

There are many stories and examples of people who have discovered many ways that give them the freedom that can only come by choosing to live a cashless lifestyle. Here you can find better place to live without money.

At the very least, there are many ways that you can use so that you can stop wasting money and you can also find a large number of ways in which you can take Everything for free.

How To Meet the day to day requirements while you have no Money

One of the most basic needs that you need is where you will find Shelter and where is the place that you can use to escape from all the elements. There are many ways to meet that need without having to pay for any rent money or utilities. 

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You can Seek Shelter in a Community Sharing house.

Ecovillage is one of its types. Here they are the communities that usually offer substantial living to the people. Here they provide the ways of surviving, where many of them choose to go without using any money.

This is the primary method that is used to meet the day to day needs. Here, you will find that hundreds of these types of villages are all scattered across the globe. Here, all of the people depend upon one another and mother nature and their surrounding environment to meet all of their needs. 

You can offer to Work for getting an accessible lodge

Here in this place, you can seek out Work in exchange for free lodging. This is the primary example of I need a place to stay, how we can live without having any money that could work for us.

Many places worldwide generally offer these types of accommodations in exchange for the Work that people do for them. 

You can head out Into the Wild

When the weather is perfect, camping out underneath all the stars is considered the best way in which we can crash for the night.

Here getting closer to mother nature and getting further away from a society that is only controlled by money is what it’s about anyway.

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You can build an Earthship or Go Couchsurfing for yourself.

Earth ship is a term that you may not have heard earlier. This is a way to build something in which you can live without making any monthly payments.

This is a great way to provide you with not only a good shelter, but it will also help you find out a large number of ways that you can use to clean water and get solar energy. Building all kinds of supplies can range from collecting empty beer bottles and cans to collecting car tires and even earth.

However, it will also require some money upfront to get all the building supplies.

Couchsurfing is also another way of finding good lodging while you can meet some incredibly hospitable people in this process.

There are many people in the world who will provide you with a spare couch, or they will also spare a bedroom for you for a certain period. Many people will provide a meal and any travelling information you may need while simply visiting their place.

This may prove to be a stretch for some people, taking them way outside from their comfort level.   

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You can even barter all your things for Everything

There are a large number of people that choose to live in society without relying on money.

Here these people heavily rely upon the bartering system for their day to day needs. This may include food, supplies, modes of transportation, and many other things according to their own choice. I need a place to stay but have no money then you must read this post till last.

This is also one of the ways that you can use to ensure that nothing is wasted and that people can afford what they need.

Here this is an excellent way that you can use to save heavily on utilities. Here you can also barter with your neighbours to get internet for free at your home.

Here you can also do all of your travellings for Free

Most people worldwide view hitchhiking as entirely wrong, but this is one method of getting to where you need to go for free.

It would be best to keep in mind that your appearance matters the most here, and this will tell you how quickly you will get picked up.There are also around 100 cities worldwide that will provide you with free public transportation.

 You can repair all the things for Free 

Instead of throwing all the things away after they are broken or torn, you should always make it a habit to find all the ways that you can use them. You should always find new ways of repairing them for free.

You can get all the ways basically from the internet, especially YouTube, which has a large number of videos on the ways to fix stuff. You may also find out the required tools and the supplies to select them for nothing.  


If you’re a person who is looking to find food and other types of basic supplies without relying solely on money or any local food pantry, you can also acquire a freegan lifestyle.

This is a way to go for “dumpster diving simply”. Whether or not you seek to live a complete life without money, one thing is sure. There are also a lot of tasks that you need to do daily. Please reach out to us and let us know how the article was.

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