Free Ipad – How To Apply & Get?

Want to purchase Apple but not ready to give it all! How would it be, if Apple comes easy! Easily accessible, Sounds good, right? Check below how to get free ipad?

The mere mention of any electronic device may cause your wallet or purse a huge dent. Making you reconsider the purchase. Somehow, there’s this idea – that the best tech products, the ones which are more efficient have to be more expensive! Belief is such, the more expensive ones are better in the long run.

But this will no longer be the case; no longer will you have to consider whether you can purchase that product or not, because some iPads are now available to you entirely free of charge; it will now be something that is simply accessible to you as well.

Given the recent times, with everything going online and practically everyone losing their jobs. These iPads can be viewed as a product that can truly prevent an individual from losing a source of income. Isn’t it so?

The result is, in order to address these challenges and assist those in need. The government, a few non-profit groups, and a few big commercial corporations stepped forward to assist those in need.

Interested? Continue reading to find out how you can get a free iPad.

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Lifeline is one such government program that provides low-income people with insurance to help them pay their monthly phone bills. They usually give their consumers between $9.25 and $34.25 a month if they live in the tribal territories.

ACP, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that pays $30 per month for a high-speed internet connection suitable for laptops, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices. 

Free Ipad for poor people

Let’s find out if you are eligible?

To be eligible for the former, the Lifeline program, one must be enrolled to receive either SNAP, SSI, Public Housing, or any other government benefits.

One can even check their eligibility on the official website (

However, you will be required to provide them with certain documents such as

  1. Proof of income (documents such as tax returns or an official letter from the company you’re working in) or your participation certificate in some other program.

To be eligible for the latter, one’s income must be less than 200% of the federal poverty level.

The catch is that if a person is eligible for the Lifeline program, they immediately become eligible for the ACP Program.

Once a user meets the criteria, they can contact the ACP accepting provider, who is also a Lifeline provider and the provider will accept their benefits, allowing the user to receive both the Lifeline and the ACP benefits at the same time.


Yes, your insurance company may also come to your aid, but you must first offer them a legitimate explanation for your need for the device, such as demonstrating that your child requires it for education or learning purpose. It would be helpful if you could also write down various program that you intend to use with that device.


Here’s one of the many benefits of being a student. Students can obtain a free iPad.

You might contact your educational institution and provide them with a fare explanation for your wish to have one. The actions would be quite similar to those taken when accommodating an IEP.

However, if you get past this, you should bear in mind that because the institution is supporting your gadget, they will also own it, so you’ll have to negotiate the agreements with them.


Well, yes! After satisfying the eligibility requirements, there are numerous grants available to assist you in purchasing your iPad. You could use the internet to find their official page and learn more about their eligibility requirements.

The options listed below are legitimate options for moving closer to your dream.

Princess Paige’s Foundation

It is a well-known and incredibly valuable charity that provides scholarships and loans to financially insecure families. Furthermore, it allows these families to pay off the costs of their therapy.

NWA Apraxia Support

This group, which is located in Michigan, Southeast and Northwest Ohio, assists not only the destitute but also individuals suffering from Apraxia and other problems by offering grants to enable them afford extra therapies and even treatments.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation 

They, like other organizations, assist persons in need with health-related services and facilities in order to improve clinical conditions. However, there is a catch: this organization delivers all of these services to children in one location, their clinic, because their available commercial health insurance does not cover everything.

If you have a kid or student with autism in your family, you may opt for these grants.

NAAC Voice Foundation

This Foundation strives to provide those with autism a voice. As well as those who have communication problems and that can endanger their lives, by equipping them with communication devices.

Joey’s Fund Family Grant Program

This is a family-oriented programme that accepts grant applications from New England families (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine). These are typically families in need of financial support because someone in their family has autism.


Are the giveaways genuine?

Why not, after all? However, you must ensure that the source of your giveaway is genuine, such as if it is done by a notable influencer or a page with a large following. In any case, before entering the giveaway, they’ll most likely ask you to follow their page, like a specific post, and mention a few other followers of yours, and if you qualify, you’re set to go.

At the end of the day, one must always be wary of con artists.

Can I acquire a genuine iPad for free?

Yes, as previously stated, if you come across genuine influencers or sites that often hold giveaways, you have a good chance of winning one as well, provided you fit the criteria.

Is it possible for the government to issue us with EBB tablets or iPads?

EBB is an abbreviation for Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), which is a broadband benefit. This program allows low-income households to acquire laptop computers and gain internet connection if they meet the eligibility requirements. After that, the broadband provider charges a monthly fee of $30 or $70 (if they are from tribal grounds).

They provide customers free laptops as part of the offer for a one-time $100 discount on tablets, desktops, or even laptops.

However, since $30 is insufficient to purchase an iPad, if that is the case, you might check with the EBB carriers in your area.

Do Store employees get free iPads?

We are all aware that working in the business world comes with some advantages. As a result, Apple offers a 25% annual discount to their employees (who have purchased an iPad, a PC, or an iPod). In addition, they provide a $250 discount on an iPad and a $500 discount on a Mac, however this offer is only available every three years.

Which iPad model is the most affordable?

Perhaps you should consider the Apple 8th Generation 10.2 inch iPad. The beginning price is $329. You might also contact customer support or look it up online.


Finally, we hope this post was truly beneficial to you.

As stated in the article, free iPad are no longer only a luxury item owned by a selected few, but by all of us. Given the eligibility conditions, and if you meet them all, you’re good to go. You might also check online for various deals and promotions supplied by online shopping applications or massive sales that the company holds.