How To Get Donated Car From Goodwill?

Do you have trouble getting to work? Owning a car seems tough? Does a car’s price appear excessively high? Well, here is your chance – How to get a donated car from Goodwill.

You may get a car through Goodwill and get your finances in order by reading about how to do so.

What Is Goodwill?

A non-profit organization that takes donations of things like clothing, furniture, and vehicles because most people would rather get rid of them than just sell them for profit. Later, they go on to provide them to anyone who requires them.

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This is what we shall be investigating, then. Cars are also put up for auction by Goodwill. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the necessary funds on hand if you intend to purchase one from them. The organization chooses the candidate for the car based on the eligibility requirements they can meet.

goodwill donated cars

What is The Process For The Auction?

Step 1:

Locate the Salvation Army branch that is closest to you. You can also visit their official website, where you will be required to enter some information before receiving the location of the branch closest to you.

Step 2: 

Research more details about the auction. Therefore, every time an auction is held, the procedure is designed to make it simple for the bidders. Make sure to check the location with the appropriate branch as each has a distinct site for its held auction.

The organization typically has an auction once a month, and very infrequently, professional auction companies are hired to manage the event.

Step 3: 

If you’re really up for it, you’ll need to register for the Auction in advance by paying a small registration fee. This will guarantee that the auction will only have the correct number of attendees, preventing overcrowding.

Step 4: 

It’s best to arrive at the location earlier than expected and make a note of the car you’re interested in, since you won’t otherwise be able to see all of the vehicles that are being set out on display for the auction. To make sure the car is in good working order, the company lets you take it for a test drive.

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How to get donated car from Goodwill? Contd…

Step 5: 

You must place a bid on the vehicle. The majority of the time, auctions move quickly, so keep a sharp ear out and pay attention to all the budgets that are being offered so that the car you have your eye on never leaves your sight.

Step 6:

You’ll need to make plans for the car to be picked up and follow all the associated paperwork.

Once you’ve got your hands on the desired car, you’ll have to go and visit the manager and take care of all the necessary paperwork post the auction. 

Step 7: 

Get assistance from the Wheels for Work Program. They are intended to assist all families who own a vehicle and must travel for various reasons such as jobs. They would either donate a car to you for free or offer you a low-cost leasing or financing plan.

The twist is that there are eligibility requirements for this initiative. However, if you do not, you may be able to purchase a car from them. These are delivered to Washington, D.C., where you can bid on them online or purchase them in person.

  • Be able to provide proof of residence
  • Updated driver’s license
  • Must be having a registered car on your name
  • Must not have any drug offenses
  • Pass a background check
  • Must be working at the same job for at least 6 months or 1 year

Step 8: 

Contact your local Department of Human Services. The procedure that follows varies by state, but the underlying method is that you must work through the Department of Human Services to obtain a car. You could also go to their official website and fill out an application there. Before proceeding with the application, double-check the deadline date. It is entirely up to the social worker to determine whether or not you are eligible.

Step 9: 

Please contact Goodwill. Visit their official website because Goodwill does not always work with the Department of Human Services to determine who is eligible. As a result, you must contact them directly and proceed.

Step 10: 

If you’re fortunate, you now own a car. Getting your hands on a car is something that people work extremely hard for. Goodwill is an excellent resource for this. Simply make sure you meet the eligibility requirements, and you’re good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What makes Goodwill Car Donation so unique that I want to donate my car to them?

By donating that car, you are assisting all those in need by transforming the lives of not only men but also women who choose to fight against challenges such as unemployment and other such life-limiting disabilities. If you’re looking for something that will benefit you, you do get a reduction in your tax payment.

What advantages do I have as a donor?

  • Your tax payment is reduced.
  • Eligible for free pick-up and towing services from Goodwill
  • You can save money by not paying for your car’s maintenance, repairs, and insurance.

What is the donation procedure?

  • Contact Goodwill, and they will provide you with all of the necessary information about your vehicle.
  • Make sure all of your paperwork is in order, and Goodwill will pick up the vehicle at a location that is convenient for you.
  • The rest is in Goodwill’s hands; they will donate your vehicle and even deliver your tax receipt to you.

What types of vehicles are accepted?

SUVs, RVs, trucks, campers, boats, motorcycles, golf carts, and even ATVs are all acceptable. You could always call them at the number listed on their website and get all of your questions answered.

What documents are needed?

  • A proof of ownership, such as a signed title free of all liens
  • In the case of liens, you must also submit the original lien release.


In order to get a car, you need a stable job and in order to get a stable job, you need a car to commute. Goodwill will always be a great source for you to get your hands on a car completely free of cost.

Hope this article has been able to adhere to all the questions that you’ve been looking for. Go ahead and ensure that you apply.