Low Income Single Person Benefits That Gives Instant Help

Living within a family context is great. There is that warmth and financial provision or sharing which is expected from your spouse or parents. But what benefits are possibly out there for a low-income single person living in America?

It’s no longer news that as a single person who earns a low income, the future could appear all gloomy. This situation could even get aggravated when you are confronted with the sporadic rise in the cost of goods and services or having to deal with a health issue.

Then comes the possible case of unemployment or just the regular bills which have to be continuously cleared. 

Without denial, this is a picture of the huge weight the average single American has to bear all by himself.

But even without a family to share this burden with, are you aware that there are low-income single-person benefits that you could take advantage of as an American resident? 

And these benefits could leave you with some good room to take a breather.

Do sit back and read this article. It could be all you need to start living the American dream as a low-income single person.

First, let me start by saying it is not a crime to be a single person, and neither is it that your income level is currently low. It would therefore only be right to take advantage of all the benefits stacked up by the government for low-income single persons like you.

Before we dive into some of the benefits you may have been missing, let’s get to see how exactly the U.S. government defines a low-income single person.

Who is a Low-Income individual?

While there are variations to who a low-income individual is in different states, a broad way to define such an individual is a person who is a member of a household with a gross annual income equal to or less than 125% of the poverty line.

In some States, a Low-income individual refers to a person whose family income is at or below 150 per cent of the poverty line

To therefore know if you qualify for low-income single benefits in your state, you may need to check how your state defines a low-income individual.

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Benefits for low income persons

Healthcare Benefits for low-income single persons

Healthcare costs can be crazily high. Just one appointment with a Dentist for instance could have part ways with over $1000. And it could even be more depending on the hospital or the city.

But healthcare is essential even for single persons who earn a low income.

Well, I guess the government also felt this way when they launched a couple of healthcare programs with provisions for single persons who cannot afford huge medical bills.

One such program is known as Medicaid.

But isn’t this the same as Medicare?

Hmm, not at all. Although both Medicare and Medicaid are Federal healthcare programs, they, however, differ in their target audience.

One such difference is that Medicaid covers low-income single persons. And amazingly, these persons do not need to be up to 65 years as is the case with Medicare.

To apply for Medicaid, even though it is a federal program, the administration and application happen at the State level.

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

 Moving from healthcare to nutrition- another area of life that is equally important; we have the SNAP program.

With this program, low-income single persons can have a pretty good portion of their food expenses taken care of by the government.

What do I mean?

By becoming a beneficiary of the SNAP program… which by the way used to be known as Food stamps, low-income single persons can get to purchase basic food items. These items could include vegetables, bread, meat, fish and a few others.

Guess that’s some basic balanced diet being covered.

Just like the Medicaid program, SNAP is also a federal program which is however administered at the State level. Here, beneficiaries receive an Electronic Benefits Card (EBT) which is loaded each month by the government.

Recipients of this card can make food purchases at different authorized food stores across their state.

So, there you have a low-income single-person benefit that could take care of your meals.

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The Lifeline Program

Every single person knows how crucial it is to stay connected to friends and families. But there are times when the funds to keep your phone and internet running just aren’t available. 

What do you do at such times?

Give up and wait for your next paycheck?

Well, it is because of times such as this that the government has put in place the Lifeline program. Through it, low-income single persons can receive funds to offset their phone and internet bills.

Additional benefits for persons found to be eligible include discounts on broadband services, free talk time and free text services. The benefits however vary with the different service providers of the program.

And just in case you have been sleeping on this benefit, The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has been administering this program for more than 30 years.

So, are you running low on talk time or internet connectivity as a low-income individual? Then you just might want to grab the benefits that could accrue from joining the Lifeline program.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

We all know how high energy bills could be even when you consider your usage to be regular. But instead of just sitting back when you cannot afford to adequately warm or cool your residence, remember that LIHEAP is there to help.

I guess you have been passing over this low-income single-person benefit over the years?

Well, now you know that as a single person, you can still get the best with your energy usage just by applying for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Like ripe cherries waiting just to be picked, we have seen that being a single person in the United States isn’t the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Even coupled with a single person’s low-income status, it is obvious that there are so many benefits that could bring ease for low-income single persons.

With this we hope, that this information boosts your overall state and the confidence as well to bring you back in a better position to lead a better and beautiful life ahead.

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