Free Cars for Low-Income Families

Here you can find lots of options to get free cars for low income families. Not to worries if you are fedup by searchin free car here and there. We have given perfect solution for you.

Natasha and her husband are a low-income family. With four kids, they both have to wake up each day to attend a myriad of activities which involves commuting from one point to another. And this, they have to do without a car of their own. 

Drop-off and pick-up of their kids from school, getting to and from work, catching up with client meetings and getting the groceries home are just a few of the hectic activities each day demands from them. I can understand what it can be like.

With their present challenge of having to live cash-strapped and without a personal car, getting a free car for a low-income family like theirs would be nothing short of a lifesaver.

“But is there a possibility for low-income families to get access to free cars?” This must be the first question that pops up when you hear of free cars. But surprisingly, the answer to this question is a big Yes!

While it may seem rather preposterous, there are several organizations out there whose job is to give out free cars to low-income families. Some of these agencies however have certain eligibility criteria which must be met to qualify for a free car.

In this post, I would be writing about a few organizations that give out free cars to deserving low-income families and the requirements to qualify for one.

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Ways to Get Free Cars For Low Income Families

Let’s get started!

low income family cars

Vehicles For Change Inc.

Vehicles for Change (VFC) is an organization in the United States. According to data available on its website, VFC has actively been in the business of giving out free cars to low-income families since 1999.

Through its program, families that are plagued with financial challenges or those on the journey to self-sufficiency can become car owners simply by applying.

Some of VFC’s terms for eligibility include the following:

  • The applicant must live in the Maryland or Northern Virginia part of the United States
  • You should have a job where you give at least 30 hours per week
  • You should not be the current owner of a car
  • Applicants under the age of 25 must have children

While those are just a few of the requirements for eligibility, VFC still has some additional criteria which may need to be met to be considered for a free car.

But one question which needs to be answered is: How does VFC acquire the cars it gives out?

The basic answer to this is that VFC receives its cars from public donations.

Now I guess you are wondering why on earth would anyone want to donate a car?.

Well, the plain truth is several reasons could make an individual choose to donate his car to VFC. These reasons could range from the car being old, the availability of other cars in his garage or the car having some fault that the owner doesn’t want to fix.

With VFC, car donors also get to receive a tax advantage; and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also allows donors to lay claim to the fair market value of the donated car.

And lest I forget, VFC claims that it has given out over 7,500 cars to low-income families since its inception.

So, there you have number one… VFC!

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Good News Garage

This is another organization that has saddled itself with the responsibility of pushing low-income families with transportation challenges out of the trenches.

With Good News Garage (GNG), individuals and residents of the New England and New York area can enjoy immense tax deductions and free pickup when they donate their vehicles. And every time a car donation is made, you can be certain that a family has been empowered while the community gets strengthened. 

As an agency, GNG is meeting the transportation challenges two-fold. One is through its Wheels to Work program while the other is through the Ready To Go service.

For the Wheels to Work scheme, GNG does the refurbishing of the donated cars. It then gives out these vehicles to qualified applicants. 

The Ready To Go service however works differently. Here, GNG’s team of riders provide a free ride to individuals who need to get to work or those who need to catch up with medical appointments.

For eligibility, low-income families in Massachusetts that are interested in receiving a free car need to ask for a referral and application from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).

In Vermont, interested families need to:

  • Be participants in the Reach Up program of the Department of Children and Families
  • Get in touch with your Reach Up case manager
  • If eligible, your Reach Up case manager would provide an application form which needs to be filled

While you may still be in doubt if all of this is true, GNG says it has awarded over 5000 free cars to low-income families in the areas where it operates. Check their all programs here.

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Charity Cars Inc.

For Charity cars Inc., giving out free vehicles to struggling families goes beyond just the piece of metal that is awarded. For this non-profit organization, they believe that their work helps these families regain hope as they approach life with renewed gusto.

Recognized as the very first charity organization to be involved in donating free vehicles to low-income families in the U.S., Charity Cars claims to have donated free vehicles worth about $70 million.

As proof of its commitment to uplifting humanity through car donations, Charity Cars has a presence in all fifty states of the United States. This way no state is left out of coverage.

To apply for a free car, low-income families only need to fill out a form on its website. Once this has been done, the organization would reach out to qualified applicants once a vehicle is available. First of all you need to check who can apply to them.

So, what do you think? For an agency that has given out over 9,000 vehicles so far, Charity Cars could just be your avenue to getting a car for your family.

Religious organizations

Several religious organizations are renowned for giving out free cars to low-income families. In addition to this kind of freebie, some of these faith-based bodies also take on car repair services for families that do not have the means to do so.

Examples of such religious organizations are Catholic Charities USA, the Episcopal Church, The Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus and many others.

While some of them give out free cars and pay for repairs, some have vehicle financing programs for single moms and low-income families. Through these programs, individuals and impoverished families can access loans and grants which could aid the purchase of a vehicle without having to rob a bank.

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Final Word

So, there you have a list of places that can be visited when in need of a free car for a low-income family. 

One huge takeaway from all of these however is the crucial role which having a vehicle plays. Besides the ease of moving from one point to another, receiving a free car or buying one with ease can promote one’s self-worth.

In reality, a free car for a low-income family solves far more than just the challenge of transportation. It actually increases an individual or family’s ability to accomplish more.